NTU EMBA Won Second Place of 1st Cross-Strait Cup Basketball Game and the Titles of Best Shot Maker and Best Assist.
Activity day:2017-08-05 
Published At:2017-08-16 
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August 4, early in the morning, the NTU EMBA basketball team led by Chen Ri-Xing, an alumnus of class 2002, set out for the Beijing Airport for the 1st Cross-Strait Cup Basketball Game jointly advocated by Peking University, Beijing Tsinghua University, and National Taiwan University.

In addition to the basketball game, the organizing authority invited Professor Li Qi of Guanghua School of Management to give a two-hour course on the human civilization from the perspectives of history, culture and economics.

August 5, the opening game was played by Beijing Tsinghua University vs. National Taiwan University. The latter with better teamwork and skills beat its counterparty by 7 points, for the first win in the game.

The second game was played by Peking University vs. Beijing Tsinghua University. The two geographically adjacent schools are frequent in exchange of academic affairs and sports games. Yet, Peking University team outnumbered its counterparty, and easily took the win with its amazing power.

The final was played by Peking University vs. National Taiwan University. Under the overwhelming offensives, National Taiwan University was beaten by 7 points, and won second place of the tournament. On the individual awards, Chen Ri-Xing was titled the Best Assist, and Xu Ying-Jie (EMBA class 2015) the Best Shot Maker.