2017 National EMBA Marathon Relay – National Taiwan University Achieves Greatest Result
Activity day:2017-11-28 
Published At:2017-11-28 
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Congratulations~ 11/26 is a glorious day!

After NTU EMBA won the All-E Marathon championship of 2016 at National Sun Yat-sen University, once again they’ve taken the championship at the 2017 National EMBA Marathon Relay held at National Chi Nan University next to Sun Moon Lake. Both teams in the half marathon group also achieved their best records, placing 2nd and 4th. The sole entry in the casual group also placed 3rd while playing and snapping photos. 

More than 20 seniors under the leadership of Xiaofeixia (Rui-Xiang Kuo) pushed themselves to the limit and ran their personal best. Dange (104C Zhang-Wei Huang) and Wind Chaser (104C Wei-Xin Sun) placed 1st overall for the men’s and women’s groups while Wonder Woman (100 Ya-Xuan Wang) and Ariel (104A Miao-Zhen Liu) placed 3rd and 5th overall in the women’s. Feimaotui (98 Ji-Xiang Wang) and Kill on Site (98 Zheng-Zhe Kuo) also placed 2nd and 6th overall in the men’s group. It was a bountiful day!

Image Source: Sports Notes