22th EMBA Orientation Day- Warm welcome to the 2018 class
Activity day:2017-12-17 
Published At:2017-12-19 
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22th EMBA Orientation Day- Warm welcome to the 2018 class

The 2018 EMBA Orientation was held on 17th, December, 2017. New students are welcomed by a grand and warm ceremony, with the presence of Professor Hung-Chi Kuo, Vice President for Academic Affairs, professor Ruey-Shan Andy Guo, Dean of College of Magement, professor Ming-Huei Hsieh, EMBA CEO of College of Management, professor Houn-Gee Chen, Department of Business Administration, professor Chiawen Liu, Chairperosn of Department of Accounting, professor Tsun-Siou Lee, Department of Fianace, professor Jiun-Sheng Chris Lin, Chairperson of Department of International Business, professor Chih-Ping Wei, Chairperson of Department of Information Management. The gathering of top leaders and managers from different fields had demonstrated the core value of NTU EMBA “ embrace diversities , dare to innovate.”

Professor Hung-Chi Kuo, welcomed all the new students on behalf of NTU. He pointed out the importance of pursuing knowledge constantly, taking pride to be the elites of our country, and making further contribution to the society. 

Professor Ruey-Shan Andy Guo addressed to the new members with a quote from Charles Handy, the pioneer of management theory, ”should it be an individual or an organization, they ought to start their second curve before the first curve peaks. If not, they’ll be out in 10 years”. Professor Kuo wished all the new members to find their second curve during their time at EMBA, reaching the next level in their career and life.  

Further to that, Professor Guo encouraged the members to construct a new mindset besides studying. NTU EMBA does more than brewing leaders, since our members are the elites from different industries; we aim at creating impacts on the society and industries instantly. 

Professor Guo explained the “TAIDA” principles:
Teamwork- willing to offer assistance
Accountability- be responsive and passionate
Integrity- be honest and upright
Diligence- be professional and excellent
Ambition/Vision- be leading and innovative

Besides that, Professor Guo also shared the 3 points in “WIN” strategies:
W (Wow Experience) experiencing life, engaging in activities, sharing life and being energetic. 
I (Integrated Thinking) integrating different industries, consolidating framework, applying knowledge to its fullest, and refining occupational capacity.
N (Network and Platform) Expanding connections, joint venture, building vision, and aiming for excellence

On the other hand, professor Ming-Huei Hsieh stressed the learning spirit of NTU EMBA, “be persistent, willing to share, supportive and integrate.” Professor Hsieh encouraged the students to take actions in innovating the society, to impact the society with their own strength.

Professor Hsieh addressed that these 4 elements are the crucial guidance during the pursuit of EMBA , and have led to 4 fundamental questions :

1.What is the first priority in these 3 years?
2.Learning is creating as a team, with your connections, professions and capital, what are you able to share with the fellows? How are you going to inspire one and other?
3.What changes can be done after getting your inspiration?
4.It is easy to find like-minded peers, but how are we going to embrace different people and ideas?

Mr. Cheng-Qin Chang, the 14th Chairperson of EMBA Student Association, gladly introduced the structure and members of the Student Association. EMBA Student Association serves as a platform for students to communicate and share their life. There will be various of highlighted events in the coming semester and all the students are more than welcomed to participate.

We were also honored to have Ms. Kuan-Li Wan, CEO of EMBA Alumni Foundation, Ms. Chia-Yi Lai, CFO of EMBA Alumni Foundation and the fellow members of the Alumni Foundation to join the ceremony. Ms. Wan and Ms. Lai encouraged the new members to become part of the Alumni Foundation as soon as possible, so as to social responsibilities.

The student representatives from the five Management Institutes received banners from the hands of the professors to mark the beginning of their studies. It also symbolized the school motto of " Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion"

After the ceremony, the students took the first group photo at the entrance hall. Classes then met their mentors and made self-introduction to know each other better. Students from the five institutes are separated into three classes, each with different backgrounds and specialties. 
Congratulations on having a brand new start and welcome again to NTU EMBA, the palace of Social innovations.