2018 EMBA Graduation Ceremony: The last class of EMBA-Redefining NTU’s School Motto
Activity day:2018-06-23 
Published At:2018-07-02 
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The 2018 EMBA Graduation Ceremony was held on 23rd, June at the NTU Sports Center. There are 217 graduating students, who are the elites from different industries. Principal Kuo Tei Wei addressed to the graduating students, ”Learning is a long-term process. Please remember to keep the efforts, keep a clear mind and on behalf of NTU, I’d like to congratulate on your graduation. ” 

Moreover, Guo Ruey-shan, Dean of College of Management gave the last lesson at EMBA, which redefined the School Motto of NTU ” Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion” with a new vision. Professor Guo also gave his blessings to the graduating students, wishing them to embark on a brand new journey.

29 years old Guest Speaker, the youngest in NTU EMBA history
EMBA has broken with tradition this year by inviting Shen Hsin-Ling, the CEO of Taiwan6.0 Hope Project to be the Guest Speaker, as she is younger than all the graduating students. Ms. Shen has devoted to charity since she was 11 years old. She has established a platform selling more than 130 thousand kilograms of fruits for the farmers. She has also set up dozens of websites, which helped the farmers transformed to a knowledge-based management system. She has contributed to making the world better with a keyboard and mouse. In her commencement speech, Ms. Shen drew our attention to the power of “Social Innovation”, and at the same time, redefined the value of EMBA. Ms. Shen said, “The new EMBA stands for Empathy, Mission, Benefit and Action. Social Innovation starts with empathy, which sets the foundation for vocation. We should take immediate actions to contribute to the society.” An ideal society is not having one person doing 100% work, but having everyone to contribute 1%. We represent the power of changes. The world relies on the magnitude EMBA. 

New members joining the alumni network, implementing Social Innovation at NTU EMBA
We are pleased to have the elites in Taiwan joining our alumni network. For example, Mr. Donald Huang , Chairman and CEO of Global TEK Fabrication, Mr. Xu Haoyuan, CEO of Taiwan E-go Car Rental Group, Ms. Anne Liu, President of Tatung System Technologies Inc., Ms. Zhao Xinping, former Commissioner of Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government & Director of Dawin, Mr. Jason Hsueh, Producer of Golden Bell Awards and Mr. Zeng Wenyan, Brand Director of Bear Forest Villa are all our graduating students. With all their efforts in Social Innovation, corporates and our society will surely proper hand in hand. We will march along the correct path of Sustainable Development.