The Taiwan Relations Act Conference: Taiwan – U.S. Relations & the Future
Activity day:2019-04-15 
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ICRT & The Taiwan Relations Act 40th Anniversary

The Taiwan Relations Act Conference – Hosted by NTU & ICRT & The AIT 

Even though Taiwan and the United States broke off the diplomatic ties in 1979, Taiwan and the United States still have exchanged and cooperated in various aspects such as economy, trade, academic, and culture, resulting them to be more delicate and closer partners.  In the past 40 years, the "Taiwan Relations Act", an important foundation for maintaining Taiwan-US relations; in addition to providing a framework that should be followed for exchanges between Taiwan and the United States, it also has important implications for stabilizing the situation in the Taiwan Strait and promoting economic and social development.


In March of this year, the Director of the American Institute of Taiwan (AIT), Brent Christensen, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Jaushieh Joseph Wu, held a joint press conference, announcing that Taiwan and the United States will establish a new dialogue mechanism "Indo-Pacific Democratic Governance Consultations", showing that Taiwan-US relations is taking another step further.  Recalling the past, looking to the future, 40 years after the relationship between Taiwan and the United States, Taiwan still faces the complex and unpredictable international situation challenge. Is there an opportunity for Taiwan to reposition itself in the midst of this situation?

On April 15th, International College Provisional Office of National Taiwan University and Taiwan's most influential English radio station, which is the radio station celebrating its 40th anniversary in Taiwan, ICRT (International Community Radio Taipei), and AIT (American Institute in Taiwan), will jointly hold "Taiwan Relations Act @ 40 : Where We’ve Been, and What’s Next? ".  The guests for this event include the current Director of AIT, Brent Christensen; Chairman James Moriarty; current President of American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, William Foreman; former Chairman of American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, Robert Parker; the ICRT newscaster, Gavin Phipps; and many other star-studded guests.  They will help us look back at the historical changes in the relationship between the United States and Taiwan, and how to continue to deepen the partnership and move towards a more brilliant future.

As a leader who pursues excellence in a higher education, you must know the world’s current situation. How can you miss such golden lineup of the event, and a face-to-face experience with our star-studded guests? Quickly sign up for “Taiwan Relations Act @ 40 : Where Weve Been, and What’s Next?" at the event registration system, let us get together to see the world internationally.


[活動日期 Date]: 2019/04/15 (星期一) Monday

[活動時間 Time]: 上午 09:00 – 12:30

[活動地點 Venue]: 臺大講堂 (綜合教學館2樓) NTU Lecture Hall, Multi-Purpose Classroom Building, Taipei Main Campus, National Taiwan University

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