Ruey-Shan Andy Guo
Dr. Ruey-Shan Andy Guo became the Dean of the College of Management on August 1st, 2013. He joined the Department and Graduate School of Business Administration faculty in 1995. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and MBA from San Jose State University, USA.


The College of Management aims to be a leading management school in Asia and to exert global impact based on outstanding educational and research capabilities. To do so, we are determined to increase the College's influence on academic, education, society, industry-university collaboration, international affairs, as well as to establish a service-oriented administration. Working closely with the Associate Deans and all staff members, I have envisioned the College to contribute to the academic and business sectors in the following five aspects.
Educational Impact
Establishing multiple learning platforms to nurture innovative management talent and excellent staff, e.g. leverage mentoring and peer observation projects, encouraging the writing of case studies on businesses in the Mandarin-speaking world to provide customized courses and to train new-coming faculty.
Academic Impact
Setting up interdisciplinary research teams to pursue comprehensive management issues, e.g. bidding government projects, seeking out more diverse research resources, and inviting top international scholars to visit; promoting intra-college, interdisciplinary researches communities and corporate management research into Chinese-speaking firms, and seeking opportunities of international collaboration.
Industrial Impact
Fostering industry-university cooperation to help transform Taiwanese firms and facilitate entrepreneurship, e.g. continuously inviting industry experts to share their experience, striving for industry-university cooperation opportunities and building up network, consulting and helping industries upgrade, exerting full capabilities of the Career Development Office, and providing a platform for EMBA alumni to sponsor start-ups.
International Impact
Strengthening international cooperation in order to have a global impact, e.g. increasing exchange opportunities for staff and students to world-renowned universities, signing dual-degree agreements with partner schools, working with multinational consultancies in short-term courses, and continuously participating in the AAPBS and keeping on AACSB accredited.
Social Impact
Encouraging students to participate in social entrepreneurial initiatives. This is to inspire them on social responsibility and inviting alumni to improve the “Last Mile” project.


With the help of professional managers, we are strengthening the executive capabilities of individual functional offices led by the Associate Deans. I have great confidence in achieving these goals, and I am grateful and honored to have full support from my fellow colleagues. We will keep improving administrative processes, promoting innovative educational programs, and enhancing administrative efficiency in order to make the College a respected academic institution with ever-greater influence.