Words from Prof Shing-yang Hu, Dean of College of Management
Dr. Shing-yang Hu


 NTU is a research-oriented university. Our mission is to create meaningful knowledge and to nurture young professionals to contribute to the society. Specifically, our goals are the following.

Put forth our research strength to make a better world

 Good research is a must for a top-ranked university. Good research is research that can impact academics, industry, or government policy. Our goal is to cultivate a research-friendly environment, by providing necessary databases and laboratories, supporting international exchanges and cooperation, and encouraging cross-discipline interactions. We will also strengthen the linkage between academics and industry, by communicating our research findings to the industry and developing multiple channels for interactions.

Enhance our students’ competitiveness

 College of Management is the cradle of future business leaders, we aim to provide an environment which students can learn relevant hard skills as well as soft skills. To make learning interesting and relevant, we apply different methods, such as case discussions and group projects to solve real world problems. Practitioners are invited to share their experiences and showing how business theories are applied. Students are encouraged to participate international competitions and exchange programs to broaden their horizons. Our Career Development Center prepares students for job markets and provides campus interview for a full range of internship and full time opportunities.

Developing Business Analytics skills

 We have the responsibility to make our students be prepared to the ever changing world. Business analytic skills such as AI and machine learning have become the main business trend. College of Management has the advantage that we have departments with both technical specialties and domain knowledge, and we will start a new program for business analytics. Through cooperating with industry, the program emphasizes hands-on experiences to solve real world problems.

Continuous and lifelong learning

 In an ever-changing world, we have the responsibility to provide lifelong learning through degree and non-degree programs. The goal is to establish a learning platform to provide relevant knowledge, experiences sharing, and interactions across different functions and industries background. This platform not only provides an opportunity to increase our impacts on industry, it also provides industry information to our faculty to enhance the relevance of their research and teaching.

A supportive environment for faculty

 Faculty is the most important constituent of university. Our goal is to maintain a supportive working environment where our faculty can contribute and fulfill their personal dreams.

 Education is the process of knowledge creation and learning. When we have the best faculty, best students, and a connected network, our impact will be bigger and more influential.