Entrepreneurship and Innovation MBA(EiMBA)

 Taiwan is ranked number one in Asia and number 8 worldwide in the Global Entrepreneurship Index (Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute, or GEI, 2015). 42% of Taiwanese are aware of entrepreneur opportunities in the market, and as high as 72.9% consider entrepreneurship as a career choice (2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM, distributed by Babson College and London Business School). However, 40.6% of Taiwanese are afraid of failure in entrepreneurship, while only 27.2% believe in their own entrepreneur ability. Therefore, the College of Management of National Taiwan University offers the Entrepreneurship and Innovation MBA program (EiMBA) since 2016, to exert our influence to push innovation business education forward. According to our university’s policies of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, NTU EiMBA program concentrates on entrepreneurship and innovation, offering a 3-year in-service education program to cultivate potential managers who are innovative and flexible and open to changes. They are expected not only supporting their teams, organizations or industries to have a positive impact on societies, but also help Taiwan to achieve a world-leading position in entrepreneurship and innovation. The design of the curriculum and master thesis requirements adopts the principle of “action learning” and “entrepreneurship and innovation”. Professional faculties and experienced industrial mentors are retained to provide assistance in entrepreneurship practice, integration of information and resources. Furthermore, EMBA students / alumni with practical entrepreneur experience are available for further consulting as well. During the program, students will be trained to acquire first-hand skills in entrepreneurship and innovation. They are expected to startup a new business or make internal innovation in company when enter the workforce.


 The faculty of this program consists mainly of the faculty from NTU College of Management.NTU College of Management has 118 outstanding full-time faculty members, many faculties graduated from top-ranking universities, such as Stanford University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, etc. They also publish more than 100 papers on SSCI and SCI journals annually, which set a milestone for NTU in international academic research field.

 Three of our classrooms are built under the concept of “leaner-centric and case study” adopted by Harvard Business School, which are Chung-Kuang Seminar Room, Gwande Seminar Room, and E. Sun Hall located at 2F and 3F of the College of Management. In addition, there is a student lounge at 2F, providing students with two PCs, a business magazine rack, a large meeting table, team discussion tables, etc.

Core curriculum includes 7 3-credit-hour courses:

1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

2. Entrepreneurship Marketing

3. Creativity and Design Thinking

4. Information and Technology Applications

5. Strategic Management

6. Financial Reporting

7. Entrepreneurship Finance

Required seminars include 3 3-credit-hour courses:

1. Entrepreneurship Project(1)

2. Entrepreneurship Project(2)

3. Entrepreneurship Project(3)

Electives include 6-credit-hour courses:

Any of the courses of master-program level offered by the College of Management or other related departments.


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