Faculty Planning
  • We communicate and collaborate with internationally renowned scholars and teachers to enhance our academic research and teaching quality.
  • We utilize our teachers with flexibility, and we work with Academia Sinica, related departments, and professional managers to start classes.
  • We hold symposium regularly and arrange for colleagues to study abroad.
  • We provide an environment that promotes communication and cooperation, and we encourage research and teachings between different institutions and fields.
Academic Research
  • We promote the researches of finance, banking, and securities.
  • Many teachers receive annual research scholarships, which bring impressive results.
  • We encourage teachers to contribute to foreign journals and magazines and participate in international seminars.
Cooperative Education
  • We intend to apply the part-time expert system and hire high-end, experienced professionals to start courses.
  • We sign cooperative education contracts with companies with good reputations to provide students with scholarships, internship opportunities, business advices, and sponsorship for departmental activities.
  • In response to the rapidly changing financial market and instruments, we adjust our core curriculum to provide a solid basal education.
  • We provide a variety of elective courses to give students knowledge of multiple fields.
  • We provide more practical courses to strengthen integration of theory and practice.
  • We provide special research programs to enhance the research and analysis capabilities of our students.

In order to integrate with the rest of the world, 30% of the students of Department of Finance took extra foreign language courses other than English. For the graduate program, business English is a required course. Other than that, many graduate and undergraduate students also applied for international exchange programs.