The College now has Buildings I, Buildings II, and the Teaching and Researching Hall. Administrative offices are located in Building I. In addition to offices, there are one international conference hall, four meeting rooms, four discussion rooms, seven ladder classrooms and two general classrooms.

Building II has 96 research rooms and undergraduate classrooms, as well as three conference rooms, six discussion rooms, two specialized classrooms and two ladder classrooms.

Since the establishment of Building II in September 2001, all research rooms have been moved there. Each full-time faculty member has one research room for him/herself and assistants. To meet graduate students’ needs, there are 2 to 4 discussion rooms in Teaching and Researching Hall for each Institute of the College.

Cloud Services and Integration Center

The College has established the Cloud Services and Integration Center to strengthen services for its faculty, staff, and students and meet their specific needs. The Center has two large computing rooms with more than 130 PCs, each of which is equipped with some popular software and statistics tools. The Center also has a dedicated computer facility room hosting dozens of severs and switches, and the Database and Printing Room for printing and accessing databases.

In 2011, out of a donation of two racks of 80 commodity-grade servers from Delta Electronics, Inc., the Center is involved in the program that to assist administration, teaching, and learning by developing mobile applications, hoping to create a leading cloud-based education environment in academia.


E.Sun Hall

Modeled on Harvard Business School, the E.Sun Hall was donated by E. Sun Bank in 2006.

Kindom Hall

The Kindom Hall was donated in 2008 by Mr. Yushan Ma, the 3rd EMBA alumnus and president of Kindom Construction Corp. , and is the first case study classroom donated by EMBA alumni.

Jhong Guang Hall

“Jhong Guang Hall” was donated in 2009 by the Chen, Jhong-Guang Foundation through two foundation representatives, Ms. Yu-mei Chen (2002 EMBA alumna) and Mr. Bin-fu Chen (2007 alumnus; student association president).

Sungreat International Convention Hall and Li-Chih Learning Center
C. C. Hong Memorial Hall

The C. C. Hong Memorial Hall is donated by Dr. Richard Min-Houng Hong, where Panasonic’s digital bulletin board system, Smart Ambience lighting, air-conditioning systems with clean air ventilation and ECO NAVI energy-saving, and other latest technology are applied. With the environmental integration, upon stepping into the building, you can sense the integrated, wise, eco-friendly and world-classed lecture equipment.