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【臺大管理學院2023.5.5 演講】Prof. Vinod Singhal: An overview of the financial consequences of supply chain risks
Activity day:2023-05-05 
Published At:2023-05-05 
Views:327  2023-05-05 updated
【Speaker】Prof. Vinod Singhal (Georgia Institute of Technology)
【Topic】     An overview of the financial consequences of supply chain risks
This talk will present on overview of my empirical research on the effect of supply chain risks on financial performance. Financial performance is measured using measures related to stock returns, stock price volatility, and profitability. It will compare the financial effects of three different types of supply chain risks: supply chain disruptions, product introduction delays, and excess inventory. It will present the effects from different sources of supply chains including natural disasters, industrial accidents, corporate social irresponsible behavior, and geopolitics. It will also discuss how the financial effects of such risks propagate up and down the supply chain. The talk will discuss the methods and data sources that can be used to estimate the financial effects of supply chain risks.  It will also outline some future research issues in this area.