Recent Publications
Top-Tier Journals
Board Structure, Director Expertise, and Advisory Role of Outside Directors
Sheng-Syan Chen, Yan-Shing Chen, Jun-Koo Kang, Shu-Cing Peng
2020 | Journal of Financial Economics
Board Networks and Corporate Innovation
Ching-Hung Chang, Qingqing Wu
2020 | Management Science
Fractional Degree Stochastic Dominance
Rachel J. Huang, Larry Y. Tzeng, Lin Zhao
2020 | Management Science
Auditors' Liability to Lenders and Auditor Conservatism
Pei-Cheng Liao, Suresh Radhakrishnan
2019 | Management Science
Comment on "Aging Population, Retirement, and Risk Taking"
Rachel J. Huang, Larry Y. Tzeng, Jr-Yan Wang, Lin Zhao
2019 | Management Science
The information advantage of underwriters in IPOs
Yao-Min Chiang, Michelle Lowry, Yiming Qian
2019 | Management Science
Healthcare Predictive Analytics for Risk Profiling in Chronic Care: A Bayesian Multi-Task Learning Approach
Yu-Kai Lin, Hsinchun Chen, Randall A. Brown, Shu-Hsing Li, Hung-Jen Yang
2017 | MIS Quaterly
The Effects of the Auditor's Insurance Role on Reporting Conservatism and Audit Quality
Pei-Cheng Liao, Suresh Radhakrishnan
2016 | The Accounting Review
The R&D Premium and Takeover Risk
Ji-Chai Lin, Yanzhi (Andrew) Wang
2016 | The Accounting Review
Financial Reporting Quality of Chinese Reverse Merger Firms: The Reverse Merger Effect or the Weak Country Effect?
Kun-Chih Chen, Qiang Cheng, Ying Chou Lin, Yu-Chen Lin, Xing Xiao
2016 | The Accounting Review
Unequal Bedfellows: Gender Role-based Deference in Multiplex Ties between Korean Business Groups
Jungyun Han, Andrew V. Shipilov, Henrich R. Greve
2016 | Academy of Management Journal
Outstanding Journals
Anger as a trigger for information search in integrative negotiations
Laura Rees, Shu-Cheng Steve Chi, Ray Friedman, Huei-Lin Shih
2020 | Journal of Applied Psychology
The Effects of Audit Firms' Knowledge Sharing on Audit Quality and Efficiency
Rong-Ruey Duh, W. Robert Knechel, Ching-Chieh Lin
2020 | Auditing: A Journal of Practice
CEO Overconfidence and Bank Loan Contracting
Chih-Yung Lin, Yehning Chen, Po-Hsin Ho, Ju-Fan Yen
2020 | Journal of Corporate Finance
Intrafirm Network Structure and Firm Innovation Performance: The Moderating Role of Environmental Uncertainty
Chih-Hung Peng, Ling-Ling Wu, Chih-Ping Wei, Chun-Mao Chang
2020 | IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
CEO Overconfidence and Corporate Cash Holdings
Yenn-Ru Chen, Keng-Yu Ho, Chia-Wei Yeh
2020 | Journal of Corporate Finance
Hardware-Assisted MMU Redirection for In-guest Monitoring and API Profiling
Shun-Wen Hsiao, Yeali S. Sun, Meng Chang Chen
2020 | IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security
Public R&D Spending and Cross-Sectional Stock Returns
Sheng-Syan Chen, Yan-Shing Chen, Woan-lih Liang, Yanzhi Wang
2020 | Research Policy
Engaged to a Robot? The Role of AI in Service
Ming-Hui Huang, Roland T. Rust
2020 | Journal of Service Research
Growing the Service Brand
Ming-Hui Huang, Chekitan S. Dev
2020 | International Journal of Research in Marketing
Nonparametric Regression via Variance-Adjusted Gradient Boosting Gaussian Process Regression
Hsin-Min Lu, Jih-Shin Chen, Wei-Chun Liao
2019 | IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
Express Yourself: Why Managers' Disclosure Tone Varies Across Time and What Investors Learn From It
John L. Campbell, Hye Seung "Grace" Lee, Hsin-Min Lu, Logan B. Steele
2019 | Comtemporary Accounting Research
Commitment to build trust by socially responsible firms: Evidence from cash holdings
Ching-Hung Chang, Sheng-Syan Chen, Yan-Shing Chen, Shu-Cing Peng
2019 | Journal of Corporate Finance
CEO hedging opportunities and the weighting of performance measures in compensation contracts
Shengmin Hung, Hunghua Pan, Taychang Wang
2019 | Contemporary Accounting Research
Customer Satisfaction Underappreciation: The Relation of Customer Satisfaction to CEO Compensation
Ming-Hui Huang, Michael Trusov
2019 | International Journal of Research in Marketing
Higher-order Omega: A Performance Index with a Decision-Theoretic Foundation
Hongwei Bi, Rachel J. Huang, Larry Y. Tzeng, Wei Zhu
2019 | Journal of Banking & Finance
Effects of Monitoring Technology on the Insurance Market
Yu-Hung Chen, Baojun Jiang
2019 | Production and Operations Management
Improving hand hygiene process compliance through process monitoring in healthcare
Wenlin Chen, Chung-Li Tseng, Shu-Jung Sunny Yang
2019 | Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Why has the value of cash increased over time?
Thomas W. Bates, Ching-Hung Chang, Jianxin Dinaiel Chi
2018 | Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
The strategic choice of payment method in corporate acquisitions: The role of collective bargaining against unionized workers
I-Ju Chen, Yan-Shing Chen, Sheng-Syan Chen
2018 |Journal of Banking & Finance
Bank liquidity creaton and CEO optimism
Shu-Chen Huang, Wei-Da Chen, Yehning Chen
2018 | Journal of Financial Intermediation
The Impacts of Asymmetric Information and Short Sales on the Illiquidity Risk Premium in the Stock Option Market 
Zih-Ying Lin, Chuang-Chang Chang, Yaw-Huei Wang
2018 | Journal of Banking & Finance
What drives firms to explore new technologial fields? An investigation on the technological entry effect of CEO decision horizon and board governance
Cheng-Yu Lee, Hsueh-Liang Wu, Menghang Dong
2018 | IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Toward a Sustainable Modern Electricity Grid: The Effects of Smart Metering and Program Investments on Demand-Side Management Performance in the US Electricity Sector 2009-2012
Jacqueline Corbett, Katherine Wardle, Chialin Chen
2018 | IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Insurance Acquisition Costs: Capitalizing Versus Expensing
Chi-Chun Liu, Yi-Ping Liao
2018 | Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance
The Career Satisfaction of IT Professionals with Mixed Job Demands
James J. Jiang, Wei (Wayne) Huang, Gary Klein, Jacob Chia-An Tsai
2018 | IEEE Transcations on Engineering Management
Share pledges and margin call pressure
Konan Chan, Hung-Kun Chen, Shing-yang Hu, Yu-Jane Liu
2018 | Journal of Corporate Finance
Accounting Policy Choice during the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Adoption of the Fair Value Option
Yao-Lin Chang, Chi-Chun Liu, StephManufacturing & Service Operations Managementen G. Ryan
2018 | Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance
Technology-Driven Service Strategy
Ming-Hui Huang, Roland T. Rust
2017 | Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Hot shots and cool reception? An expanded view of social consequences for high performaers
Elizabeth M. Campbell, Hui Liao, Aichia Chung, Jing Zhou
2017 | Journal of Applied Psychology
Examining Firms' Green Information Technology Practices: A Hierarchical View of Key Drivers and Their Effects
Paul Jen-Hwa Hu, Han-fen Hu, Chih-Ping Wei, Pei-Fang Hsu
2017 | Journal of Management Information Systems
Parent-Subsidiary Investment Layers and audit fees
Ferdinand A. Gul, Audrey Wen-hsin Hsu, Sophia Hsin-Tsai Liu
2017 | Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance
Can lenders discern managerial ability from luck? Evidence from bank loan contracts
Dien Giau Bui, Yan-Shing Chen, Iftekhar Hasan, Chih-Yung Lin
2017 | Journal of Banking & Finance
Competitive retailer strategies for new market research, entry and positiong decisions
Xiaodong Yang, Gangshu (George) Cai, Ying-Ju Chen, Shu-Jung Sunny Yang
2017 | Journal of Retailing
Information Provision Policies for Improving Farmer Welfare in Developing Countries: Heterogeneous Farmers and Market Selection
Chen-Nan Liao, Ying-Ju Chen, Christopher S. Tang
2017 | Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
The White Squire Defense: Evidence from Private Investments in Public Equity
Sheng-Syan Chen, Ching-Yu Hsu, Chia-Wei Huang
2016 | Journal of Banking & Finance
Farmers' Information Management in Developing Countries - A Highly Asymmetric Information Structure
Chen-Nan Liao, Ying-Ju Chen
2016 | Production and Operations Management
The Moderating Effect of Virtual Integration on Intergenerational Governance and Relationship Performance in International Customer-Supplier Relationship
Ruey-Jer Bryan Jean, Daekwan Kim, Yung-Chih Lien, Sangbum Ro
2020 | International Marketing Review
Augmenting Outsourced Value Chains under Turbulence: Implications for Asian Suppliers
Chih-An Lin, Homin Chen
2020 | Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing
Engaging customers with employees in service encounters: Linking employee and customer service engagement behaviors through relational energy and interaction cohesion
Haw-Yi Liang, Chih-Ying Chu, Jiun-Sheng Chris Lin
2020 | Journal of Service Management
Options-implied information and the momentum cycle
Ming-Yu Liu, Wen-I Chuang, Chien-Ling Lo
2020 | Journal of Financial Markets
"Buy, Buy Most Americans Buy": Country of Reference (COR) Effects and Consumer Purchasing Decisions
Ting-Ting Chen, Shih-Ju Wang, Heng-Chiang Huang
2020 | International Marketing Review
Virtual vs. physical platform: Organizational capacity and slack, strategic decision, and firm performance
Hang Lee, Yung-Chang Hsiao, Chung-Jen Chen, Ruey-Shan Guo
2020 | Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
The Impact of Appointment-Based CEO Connectedness on Firms’Performance and Profitability
Yi-Hsin Chien, Mao-Wei Hung
2020 | The North American Journal of Economics and Finance
A Prideful Posting a Day Keeps Admiring Readers Awake: Voluntary Bloggers in a Self-construal Framework
Ling-Yen Pan, Heng-Chiang Huang, Chih-Huei Ko
2020 | Behaviour & Information Technology
Small Clues Tell: A Collaborative Expansion Approach for Effective Content-Based Recommendations
Yen-Hsien Lee, Chih-Ping Wei, Paul Jen-Hwa Hu, Tsang-Hsiang Cheng, Ch-Wei Lan
2020 | Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce
Smart Fall Prediction for Elderly Care Using iPhone and Apple Watch
Kuang-Yen Tai, Dai-Lun Chiang, Tzer-Shyong Chen, Victor R.L. Shen, Feipei Lai, Frank Yeong-Sung Lin
2020 | Wireless Personal Communications
Project interface choice and knowledge creation: Evidence of international science cooperation in Taiwan
Huei-Wen Pao, Hsueh-Liang Wu, Cheng-Yu Lee
2020 | Technovation
The influence of internet marketing capabilities on international market performance
Chia-Ling (Eunice) Liu, Yingying Zhang-Zhang, Pervez Nasim Ghauri
2020 | International Marketing Review
Balancing Fairness and Efficiency: Performance Evaluation with Disadvantaged Units in Non-homogeneous Environments
Chailin Chen, Wade E. Cook, Raha Imanirad, Joe Shu
2020 | European Journal of Operational Research
Creating competitive advantage: interactions between ambidextrous diversification strategy and contextual factors from a dynamic capability perspective
Hsing-Er Lin, I-Chieh Hsu, Audrey Wenhsin Hsu, Hsi-Mei Chung
2020 | Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Compensation consultants' reputation, non-compensation consulting services and CEO pay
Audrey Wen-Hsin Hsu
2020 | Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics
Corporate organizational structure, tax havens and analyst forecast properties
Audrey Wen-Hsin Hsu, Sophia Hsin-Tsai Liu, Siva Nathan
2020 | Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics
Double machine learning with gradient boosting and its application to the Big N audit quality effect
Jui-Chung Yang, Hui-Ching Chuang, Chung-Ming Kuan
2020 | Journal of Econometrics
Predicting brand equity by text-analyzing annual reports
Chun-Yao Huang, Ping-Yu Liu, Shao-Ming Xie
2019 | International Journal of Market Research
Supply chain investment and de-escalation of capacity competition
Shu-Jung Sunny Yang, Kai-Yu Hsieh
2019 | International Journal of Production Research
Jump variance risk: Evidence from option valuation and stock returns
Hsuan-Ling Chang, Yen-Cheng Chang, Hung-Wen Cheng, Po-Hsiang Peng, Kevin Tseng
2019 | Journal of Futures markets
Implications of Default Information Leakage on Recoveries
Mao-Wei Hung, Wen-Hsin Tsai
2020 | The Journal of Fixed Income
The impact of industry IPOs on acquisitions of new ventures: An information spillovers perspective
Cheng-Wei Wu, Jeffrey J. Reuer
2019 | Long Range Planning
Teamwork behaviors in implementing enterprise systems with multiple projects: Results from Chinese firms
James J. Jiang, Gary Klein, Jamie Y.T. Chang
2019 | Journal of Systems and Software
Excessive availability for work: Good or bad? Charting underlying motivations and searching for game-changers
Cary L. Cooper, Luo Lu
2019 | Human Resource Management Review
Protecting Job Performance and Well-Being in the Demanding Work Context: The Moderating Effect of Psychological Detachment for Chinese Employees
Luo Lu, Chun Yi Chou
2019 | Applied Psychology: An International Review
Modeling the productivity and stability of a terminal operation system with quay crane double cycling
Xiaoju Zhang, Qingcheng Zeng, Jiuh-Biing Sheu
2019 | Transportation Research Part E
On connectivity of post earthquake road networks
Yaoming Zhou, Junwei Wang, Jiuh-Biing Sheu
2019 | Transportation Research Part E
Returns to Scale and Asset Prices
Hung-Kun Chen, Konan Chan, Yanzhi Wang
2019 | Journal of Business Finance & Accounting
Open-Market Block Share Repurchases Probability, Frequency and Timing
Ni-Yun Chen, Chi-Chun Liu
2019 | Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
Decision tree–based classifier in providing telehealth service
Ching-Chin Chern, Yu-Jen Chen, Bo Hsiao
2019 | BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
Setting Aside Mood-Biased Thoughts and Judgments: Theory-Based Bias Correction
Yi-Wen Chien, Chung-Chiang Hsiao, Duane T. Wegener, Richard E. Petty
2019 | International Journal of Social Psychology
The Origin of the Country-of-Origin Image: The Role of Law
Chih-Pin Lin, Chi-Jui Huang, Hsin-Mei Lin, Cheng-Min Chuang
2019 | Journal of Produc & Brand Management
Differentiated reputation effects on trust in ability and dedication: A coproducer selection context
Chin-Wen Chang, Cheng-Min Chuang
2019 | Journal of Management & Organization
Comparing the impact of alliance-learning activities on alliance performance across small and large firms
Chia-Ling (Eunice) Liu, Steven Lui
2019 | Knowledge Management Research & Practice
Do current-year forecasts deserve investors' exclusive attention among analyst estimates?
Cheng-tsu Huang, Chu-hsuan Chang, Hsiou-Wei Lin
2019 | International Review of Finance
Debt-Financed Repurchases and Credit Ratings with the Respect of Free Cash Flow and Repurchase Purpose
Ni-Yun Chen, Kun-Chih Chen, Chi-Chun Liu
2019 | The North American Journal of Economics and Finance
ZomeFab: Cost-effective Hybrid Fabrication with Zometools
I-Chao Shen, Ming-Shiuan Chen, Chun-Kai Huang, Bing-Yu Chen
2019 | Computer Graphics Forum
Sympathy toward a Company Facing Disaster: Examining the Interaction Effect between Internal Attribution and Role Similarity
Shu-Cheng Steve Chi, Raymond A. Friedman, Shu-Chen Chen, Ming-Jie Tsai, Mei-Ling Yuan
2019 | Journal of Applied Behavioral Science
A decision tree–based classifier for E-visit service provision
Ching-Chin Chern, Ping-Syuan Ho, Bo Hsiao
2019 | Informatics for Health and Social Care
Markov Decision Process to Achieve Near-Optimal Admission Control Mechanism Control Mechanism for 5G Cloud Radio Networks
Frank Yeong-Sung Lin, Chiu-Han Hsiao, Yean-Fu WEn, Shih-Ting Kuo
2019 | Journal of Internet Technology
A Note of Techniques that Mitigate Floating-Point Errors in PIN Estimation
Wen-Chyan Ke, Hueiling Chen, Hsiou-Wei William Lin
2019 | Rinance Research Letters
Strategy, Capabilities, and Business Group Performance: The Endogenous Role of Industry Diversification
Shan-Huei Wang, Chung-Jen Chen, Andy Ruey-Shan Guo, Ya-Hui Lin
2019 | Management Decision
Relational Bonds, Customer Engagement, and Service Quality
Chang Chia Wen, Heng-Chiang Huang, Shih-Ju Wang, Han Lee
2019 | Service Industries Journal
Brand Community Identification Matters: A Dual Value-creation Routes Framework
Chia-Wen Chang, Chih-Huei Ko, Heng-Chiang Huang, Shih-Ju Wang
2019 | Journal of Product & Brand Management
Operational Asymptotic Stochastic Dominance
Rachel J. Huang, Larry Tzeng, Jr-Yan Wang, Lin Zhao
2019 | European Journal of Operational Research
The Continuing Overreaction in the REIT Market
Ming-Yu Liu, Chiuling Lu
2019 | Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics
Enterprise system programs: Goal setting and cooperation in the integration team
James Y.T. Chang, James J. Jiang, Gary Klein, Eric T.G. Wang
2019 | Information & Management
Do institutional investors still encourage patent-based innovation after the tech bubble period?
Hsiu-yun Chang, Woan-lih Liang, Yanzhi Wang
2019 | Journal of Empirical Finance
Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Audit Pricing
Jengfang Chen, Rong-Ruey Duh, Cheng-Ta Wu, Lin-Hui Yu
2019 | Accounting Horizons
Chinese Acceptance of Mistreatment by In-Relation Offenders Can Be Neutralized by Triggering a "Group" Collectivism Perspective
Shu-Cheng Steve Chi, Raymond A. Friedman, Chih-Chieh Chu, Huei-Lin Shih
2019 | European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
The Feeling Economy: Managing in the Next Generation of AI
Ming-Hui Huang, Roland Rust, Vojislav Maksimovic
2019 | California Management Review
Related party transactions, business relatedness, and firm performance
Hong-Da Wang, Chia-Ching Cho, Chan-Jane Lin
2019 | Journal of Business Research
Banking Crises and Market Timing: Evidence from M&As in the Banking Sector
Chung-Hua Shen, Yehning Chen, Hsing-Hua Hsu, Chih-Yung Lin
2019 | Journal of Financial Services Research
Texonomy based performance metrics for evaluating taxonomic assignment methods
Chung-Yen Chen, Sen-Lin Tang, Seng-Cho T. Chou
2019 | BMC Bioinformatics
Managing multiple-supplier project teams in new software development
James J. Jiang, Gary Klein, Jacob Chia-An Tsai, Yuzhu Li
2018 | International Journal of Project Management
From Project Management to Program Management: An Invitation to Investigate Programs Where IT Plays a Significant Role
James J. Jiang, Gary Klein, Walter Fernandez
2018 | Journal of the Association for Information Systems
Hinterland Patterns of China Railway (CR) express in China under the Belt and Road Initiative: A preliminary analysis
Yonglei Jiang, Jiuh-Biing Sheu, Zixuan Peng, Bin Yu
2018 | Transportation Research Part E
Understanding Technology Adoption Behavior by Older Adults: A Grounded Theory Study
Kenneth Hsiche Wang, Gong Chen, Houn-Gee Chen
2018 | Social Behavior and Personality
A context and emotion aware system for personalized music recommendation
Chen-Ya Wang, Yu-Chi Wang, Seng-Cho T. Chou
2018 | Journal of Internet Technology
Application association and load balancing to enhance energy efficiency in heterogeneous wireless networks
Yean-Fu Wen, Tzu-Heng Lien, Frank Yeong-Sung Lin
2018 | Computers & Electrical Engineering
Deconstruction B2B, co-creation and service deployment in East Asia: evidence from Taiwan and PRC manufacturers
Chih-An Lin, Homin Chen
2018 | Asia Pacific Business Review
Investor sentiment and evaporating liquidity during the financial crisis
Junmao Chiu, Humin Chung, Keng-Yu Ho, Chih-Chiang Wu
2018 | International Review of Economics & Finance
Consumer evaluations of service co-branding
Chien-Wei Chen, Nai-Hwa Lien
2018 | The Service Industries Journal
Learning-from-parents: exploitative knowledge acquisition and the innovation performance of joint venture
Chung-Jen Chen, Bou-Wen Lin, Jun-You Lin, Hung-Chang Hsiao
2018 | Journal of Technology Transfer
Technological diversity, knowledge flow and capacity, and industrial innovation
Chung-Jen Chen, Bou-Wen Lin, Jun-You Lin, Yung-Chang Hsiao
2018 | Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Does Inter-Industry and Intra-Industry Information Help Predict Financial Distress?
Hsiou-Wei William Lin, Ruei-Shian Wu, Huai-Chun Lo
2018 | International Review of Finance
Life insurance lapse behaviour: evidence from China
Lu Yu, Jiang Cheng, Tzuting Lin
2018 | The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance- Issues and Practice
Effects of leader–member exchange and workload on presenteeism
Yanxia Wang, Chih-Chieh Chen, Luo Lu,  Robert Eisenberger, Patricia Fosh
2018 | Journal of Managerial Psychology
Does there Prevail Momentum in Earnings Management for Seasoned Equity Offering Firms?
Chu-Hsuan Chang, Hsiou-Wei William Lin
2018 | International Review of Economics & Finance
Resource Allocation and Multisession Routing Algorithms in Coordinated Multipoint Wireless Communication
Frank Yeong-Sung Lin, Yean-Fu Wen, Li-Wen Fang, Chiu-Han Hsiao
2018 | IEEE Systems Journal
The Effect of restatements on trading volume reactions to earnings announcements
Chunlai Ye, Lin-Hui Yu
2018 | Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
Suppliers'/ Customers' Production Efficiency Uncertainty and Firm Credit Risk
Tsung-Kang Chen, Hsien-Hsing Liao
2018 | Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
A Simple Iteration Algrithm to Price Perpetual Bermudan Options under the Lognormal Jump-Diffusion-Ruin Process
San-Lin Chung, Jr-Yan Wang
2018 | Journal of Futures markets
An approximation algorithm for a competitive facility location problem with network effects
Ling-Chieh Kung, Wei-Hung Liao
2018 | European Journal of Operational Research
Distributionallyrobust equilibrium for continuous games: Nash and Stackelberg models
Yongchao Liu, Huifu Xu, Shu-Jung Sunny Yang, Jin Zhang
2018 | European Journal of Operational Research
Derivatives usage for banking industry: Evidence from the European markets
Chuang-Chang Chang, Keng-Yu Ho, Yu-Jen Hsiao
2018 | Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
Revisiting Generalized Almost Stochastic Dominance
Jow-Ran Chang, Wei-Han Liu, Mao-Wei Hung
2018 | Annals of Operations Research
The Catalytic Effect of Internationalization on Innovation
Ching-Hsing Chang, Ching-Hung Chang, Pi-Kun Hsu, Sheng-Yung Yang
2018 | European Financial Management
Investor Network: Implications for Information Diffusion and Asset Prices
San-Lin Chung, Wenchien Liu, Wen-Rang Liu, Kevin Tseng
2018 | Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
Market uncertainty and market orders in futures markets
Matthew C. Chang, Chih-Ling Tsai, Rebecca Fhung-Fern Wu, Ning Zhu
2018 | Journal of Futures Markets
How business strategy in non-financial firms moderates the curvilinear effects of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility on corporate financial performance
Chung-Jen Chen, Ruey-Shan Guo, Yung-Chang Hsiao, Kuo-Liang Chen
2018 | Journal of Business Research
The dual-edged role of returnee board menbers in new venture performance
Ya-Hui Lin, Chung-Jen Chen, Bou-Wen Lin
2018 | Journal of Business Research
Analyzing The Performance Of Multifactor Investment Strategies Under A Multiple Testing Framework
Kendro Vincent, Yu-Chin Hsu, Hsiou-Wei Lin
2018 | Journal of Portfolio Management
Semi-Static Hedging and Pricing American Floating Strike Lookback Options
San-Lin Chung, Yi-Ta Huang, Pai-Ta Shih, Jr-Yan Wang
2018 | Journal of Futures Markets
Signaling Effect of Website Usability on Repurchase Intention
L.G. Pee, James Jiang, Gary Klein
2018 | International Journal of Information Management
E-store loyalty: Longitudinal Comparison of Website Usefulness and Satisfaction
LG Pee, JJ Jiang, G Klein
2018 | International Journal of Market Research
Employee treatment and its implications for bondholders
Tsung-Kang Chen, Yan-Shing Chen. Hsiao-Lin Yang
2018 | European Financial Management
Corruption and audit market concentration: An international investigation
Rong-Ruey Duh, Chunlia Ye, Lin-Hui Yu
2018 | Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics
Evaluation of Large-Scale Transnational High-Speed Railway Construction Priority in the Belt and Road Region
Zeng-Zhen Shao, Zu-Jun Ma, Jiuh-Biing Sheu, H. Oliver Gao
2018 | Transportation Research Part E
Volatility Information Implied in the Term Structure of VIX
Kai-Jiun Chang, Mao-Wei Hung, Yaw-Huei Wang, Kuang-Chieh Yen
2018 | Journal of Future Market
The fair value of investment property and stock price crash risk
Audrey Wen-hsin Hsu, Grace Shu-Hsing Wu
2018 | Asia-Pacific Journal of Accouunting and Economics
Fair value disclosure and crash risk 
Audrey Wen-hsin Hsu, Hamid Pourjalali, Yi-Ju Song
2018 | Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics
IAS 41 and stock price informativeness
Audrey Wen-hsin Hsu, Sophia Liu, Heibatollah Sami, TingHong Wan
2018 | Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics
An Improved Version of The Volume-Synchronized Probability of Informed Trading (VPIN)
Wen-Chyan Ke, Hsiou-Wei William Lin
2017 | Critical Finance Review
A Model of Technology Adoption by Older Adults
Kenneth Hsiche Wang, Gong Chen, Houn-Gee Chen
2017 | Social Behavior and Personality
The influence of strategic control and operational control on new venture performance
Ya-Hui Lin, Chung-Jen Chen, Bow-Wen Lin
2017 | Management Decision
Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics in Cloud-Based Smart Home with Community Hierarchy
Ying-Tsung Lee, Wei-Hsuan Hsiao, Yan-Shao Lin, Seng-Cho T. Chou
2017 | IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
Corruption and business cycle volatility: a corporate governance perspective
Chih-Pin Lin, Chi-Jui Huang, Cheng-Ming Chuang
2017 | Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics
Re-Interpreting Signaling with Systems Thinking: A Concept for Improving Decision-Making Quality
Chin-Wen Chang, Cheng-Ming Chuang
2017 | Systemic Practice and Action Research
The relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance: influence of family governance
Tingko Lee, Wenyi Chu
2017 | Journal of Family Business Strategy
Artificial Momentum, Native Contrarian, and Transparency in China
Hung-Wen Lin, Mao-Wei Hung, Jing-Bo Huang
2017 | Computational Economics
The innovation and economic and economic consequences of the fit between organizational capabilities, knowledge attributes, and knowledge transfer mechanisms
Yung-Chang Hsiao, Chung-Jen Chen, Young Rok Choi
2017 | Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
The impact of numerical superstition on the final digit of stock price
Wen-Chyan Ke, Hueiling Chen, Hsiou-Wei W. Lin, Yo-Chia Liu
2017 | North American Journal of Economics and Finance
FISER: A Feature-based Detection System for Person Interactions
Yung-Chun Chang, Pi-Hua Chung, Chien Chin Chen, Wen-Lian Hsu
2017 | Computational Intelligence
Measurement Invariance of the Satisfaction With Life Scale Across 26 Countries
Seulki Jang, Eun Sook Kim, Chunhua Cao, more...
2017 | Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Local Conditions, Entry Timing, and Foreign Subsidiary Performance
Chia-Wen Hsu, Homin Chen, D'Arcy Caskey
2017 | International Business Review
An Analysis on the Intraday Trading Activity of VIX Derivatives
Dian-Xuan Kao, Wei-Che Tsai, Yaw-Huei Wang, Kuang-Chien Yen
2017 | Journal of Futures Markets
Advance Selling with Freebies and Limited Production Capacity
Kwei-Long Huang, Chia-Wei Kuo, Jan-Ju Shih
2017 | Omega- International Journal of Management Science
The influence of service employees' nonverbal communication on customer employee rapport in the service encounter
Cheng-Yu Lin, Jiun-Shen Chris Lin
2017 | Journal of Service Management
Optimal Consumption, Portfolio, and Life Insurance Policies under Interest Rate and Inflation Risks
Nan-Wei Han, Mao-Wei Hung
2017 | Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
Limit Hits and Informationally-Related Stocks
Jia-Hau Guo, Lung-Fu Chang, Mao-Wei Hung
2017 | Journal of Financial Markets
Rainbow Trend Options: Valuation and Applications 
Jr-Yan Wang, Hsiao-Chuan Wang, Yi-Chen Ko, Mao-Wei Hung
2017 | Review of Derivatives Research 
Limits-to-Arbitrage, Investment Frictions, and Innovation Anomalies
Konan Chan, Yueh-Hsiang Lin, Yanzhi Wang
2017 | Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
Pricing Corportate Bonds and Constructing Credit Curves in a Developing Country: The Case of the Tqiwan Bond Fund Crisis
Shyan Yuan Lee, Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou, Yi-Fang Chung
2017 | International Review of Economics & Finance
A Modified Reduced-Form Model with Time-Varying Default and Recovery Rates and its Applications in Pricing Convertible Bonds
Jr-Yan Wang, Tian-Shyr Gai
2017 | Journal of Derivatives
When one person's high performance creates resentment in your team
Hui Liao, Elizabeth Campbell, Aichia Chuang, Jing Zhou, Yuntao Dong
2017 | Harvard Business Review
Coauthorship Network-based Literature Recommendation with Topic Model
San-Yih Hwang, Chih-Ping Wei, Chien-Hsiang Lee, Yu-Siang Chen
2017 | Online Information Review
The Effects of Review Form and Task Complexity on Auditor Performance
Rong-Ruey Duh, Li-Chun Kuo, Jia-Ciou Yan
2017 | Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics
The Effect of restatements on analyst behavior
Chunlai Ye, Lin-Hui Yu
2017 | Journal of Business Finance & Accounting
The Impact of Media Coverage on Investor Trading Behavior and stock Returns
Chen-Hui Wu, Chan-Jane Lin
2017 | Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
The optimal pricing strategy for two-sided platform delivery in the sharing economy
Ling-Chieh Kung, Guan-Yu Zhong
2017 | Transportation Research Part E
Resource alignment, organizational distance, and knowledge transfer performance: The contingency role of alliance form
Yung-Chang Hsiao, Chung-Jen Chen, Bou-Wen Lin, Chia-I Kuo
2017 | Journal of Technology Transfer
CEO Ability Heterogeneity, Board's Recruiting Ability and Credit Risk. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
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