About CoM Research Centers
NTU College of Management supports and encourages its faculty to foster and engage in interdisciplinary research with experts in a variety of sectors and enterprises.

6 research centers were founded according to Guidelines for Establishing Research Center in NTU College of Management.  Faculty who helm these centers are recognized experts in their fields and have worked to contribute to best business practice and teaching.

Center for Financial Economic and Regulation IntelligenceEnhance and promote the research and knowledge of the Financial wisdom and the laws and regulations of China and the Asia-Pacific region
Chung-Fern Wu (Rebecca), PhD., Director

Global Branding and Marketing Research Center: Promote information, teaching and research exchanges about global branding and marketing among faculty members as well as to cooperate with other colleges and institutes to promote research projects integrating marketing, psychology, statistics, etc.
Chris Lin, PhD, Director

Center for the Study of Banking & Finance (CSBF): Bring together professors and experts in financial area, foster collaboration across different universities and engage research in theory, policy and practice regarding to conduct management, Non-performing Loan, supervisory, etc.  The combination of these efforts creates positive impacts on financial innovation and industry competition in Taiwan.
Chi-Chun Liu, PhD, Director

Digital Finance and Industry Development Research Center: Form alliances with experts from private and public sectors clooablrate with the Center th define multidisciplinary research objectives as well as to seek solutions and make discoveries taht will advance research, practice and policy.
Pai-Ta Shih, PhD, Director

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development Research Center: Aim to combine the College of Management in National Taiwan University with other experts from the relevant fields inside and outside the university to give guidance to the development of small and medium enterprises in Taiwan based on practical researches as well as deepen the understanding and control towards relevant issues.
Yung-Chih Lien, PhD, Director

The Center for Data Analytics and Digital Transformation Studies: Bridge outstanding faculty of the College with industries in need for data research, assists industries in digital upgrading and collaborates with various entities to conduct practical as well as theoretical research.

Chien Chin Chen, PhD, Director