E.SUN Academic Award
The E.SUN Academic Award, established in 2020 by E.SUN FHC, honors faculty from Taiwan's top management schools, i.e. National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University, who publish in any of the top-ranking journals in their fields. 

Thanks to E.SUN FHC for the investment in academic research as it will help recognize and incentivize faculty and scholars who demonstrate excellence in their academic research fields.


2023 E. SUN Academic Award Laureates
Yen-Cheng Chang
Kevin Tseng
2022 E. SUN Academic Award Laureates
Sandy Lai
Kevin Tseng
Yen-Cheng Chang
2021 E. SUN Academic Award Laureates
Ming-Hui Huang
Yen-Jung Lee
Kevin Tseng
2020 E. SUN Academic Award Laureates
Yan-Shing Chen
Ching-Hung Chang
 E. SUN Academic Award Laureates
Professor Year
Yen-Cheng Chang 2023/2022
Kevin Tseng 2023/2022/2021
Sandy Lai 2022
Ming-Hui Huang 2021/2012
Yen-Jung Lee 2021
Yan-Shing Chen  2020
Ching-Hung Chang 2020
Larry Y. Tzeng 2019/2018/2015/2013
Pei Cheng Liao 2019/2016
Jr-Yan Wang 2018
Jung-Yun Han 2017
Yu Ping Chen 2016
Yanzhi Wang 2016
Kun Chih Chen 2016
Shu Hsing Li 2016
Chan-Jane Lin 2015
Aichia Chuang 2014
Pai-Ta Shih 2013
Chuan-San Wang 2013
Sheng-Syan Chen 2012
Carol Hsu 2011
Chia-Wei Kuo 2011