Global Branding and Marketing Research Center
The purposes of the center is to promote information, teaching and research exchanges about global branding and marketing among faculty members of the College, and also to cooperate with other colleges of the University and institutes outside the campus to promote research projects integrating marketing, psychology, statistics and so on.
Main Tasks
  • Projects : Apply theories into global branding and marketing through research projects entrusted by government, foundation, juridical association, and public and private enterprises.
  • Seminars : Host seminars on  global branding and marketing for  academia, industries and government departments to exchange experience.
  • Data Collecting and Spreading : Collect data on global branding and marketing to build a database, and share the information in appropriate content and form.

The three divisions of the Center :

  • Information Division : Collect data, analyze and establish global branding and marketing, and offer information in appropriate form to government, enterprises and research institutes.
  • Teaching Division : Plan and coordinate courses of global branding and marketing, and organize seminars.
  • Research Division : Responsible for coordinating the center's project plan application, and organizing seminars.