Center for Data Analytics and Digital Transformation Studies
The Center for Data Analytics and Digital Transformation Studies is the focal point for NTU College of Management’s efforts in exploring data analytics and digital transformation.  The Center bridges outstanding faculty of the College with industries in need for data research, assists industries in digital upgrading and collaborates with various entities to conduct practical as well as theoretical research.

The Center primarily conducts research through project execution  and offers consulting services to various entities as well.  Research findings will be further complied into case studies and open data.  The Center has high hopes to connect the academic prowess with industry demands, thereby creating mutual benefits for academia and industry.  Ultimately, we aspire to become an internationally influential hub for research in data analytics and digital transformation.

Research Activities

To promote industrial data analytics and digital transformation, our center engages in four major research activities:

  • Execution of Data Analytics Research Projects:seek industry-academic opportunities for research project collaboration as well as collaboration among faculty members from relevant fields within the college to expand academic implementation and address practical challenges, thereby creating a win-win situation for academia, industry, and government.
  • Knowledge Consultation Services:act as a bridge for consultation, connecting companies with digital transformation and data analytics needs to expert faculty for guidance. Also, the Center integrates faculty resources from the College to design training programs, thus fostering expertise in data analytics and digital transformation.
  • Case Studies:collaborate clients and the NTU Case Center to formulate case study analysis describing the process of executing data analytics projects and deploying digital transformation details. These case studies will serve as references for various sectors, catalyzing more opportunities for academic and research collaborations.
  • Open Data Publishing:collaborate with project partners to compile open data, brainstorm data application scenarios, expand applications through competition or hackathon.