Business Proposal Competition: YCM
Activity day:2021-03-17 
Published At:2021-03-17 
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NTU GMBA, in association with YCM, is proud to present our very first Business Proposal Competition!
Get a chance to show your business acumen to an industry-leading company!
The Total Cash Prize is a whopping $90,000NTD ($30,000 NTD per topic)!


YCM is a leading mold-prevention consultancy that offers solutions for brands and manufacturers of footwear, clothing, accessories and textiles across the world.
Participants will get a chance to demonstrate their business acumen by creating business proposals based on a topic provided by YCM. 


Our competition is open to all NTU students so feel free to partner up with your friends from other departments!
Each team (max. 4 people) just needs at least one CoM student. Further rules will be explained at our Info Session!


Info Session Sign up link:
Visit YCM: