web = https://cool.ntu.edu.tw/

1. Enter the website address: https://cool.ntu.edu.tw/ .
 Login NTU COOL e-learning platform by NTU account.

    operate Help for NTU COOL.

Our school has established the courses that teachers have started this semester,     And students who have been connected to the elective course can also manually add the student NTU IDs of the students from NTU 3 system schools ,

Students can take the online course, and teachers can also see the students' class records and questions,

 For details, please refer to the operating instructions of this system. 



Due to the announcement, Office of Academic Affairs provides suggestion below for your consideration.

Firstly, CyberLink U meeting and U Webinar business accounts are provided for all instructors who have courses in this semester. Please find CyberLink account invitation sent in March to your e-mail box, or contact Digital Learning Center if you lost your e-mail (33663367#532).

U Meeting and U Webinar both provide long-time online conference. U Meeting and U Webinar support connection for up to 100 and 500 participants, respectively. If your course requires synchronous discussions, U Webinar is recommended. “Text chat” button in U Webinar can be used as “sign in” by students ( see page 26 of CyberLink U Webinar English ver. User's Guide) and “Voice Q&A” button can be used as “roll call” or for more interaction(see page 30 of CyberLink U Webinar English ver. User's Guide).

For more conference software for online teaching, please see “NTU TOOLBOX FOR VIDEO CONFERENCING”: http://teach.cc.ntu.edu.tw/course/video%20conferencing/index.html

For more online teaching support, please see “COVID-19 Main Page” at Digital Learning Center: https://www.dlc.ntu.edu.tw/superkit/