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Chun-Yao Huang
Office : Building II, College of Management 1107
Tel : 02-33661066
Fax : 02-23625379
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Research Field
• Quantitative Models for Marketing
• Customer Base Analysis
• User Behavior in the Digital Era
• Business's Digital Transformation
Research Field Summary
• Internet Marketing
• Management in the Digital Era 
• Marketing Analytics
• Marketing Management
• Platform Strategy and Digital Business
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Member of the Global Academic Panel, Google Online Marketing Challenge (2009~2013). 

Conference Paper
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Journal Paper
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Book Paper
  1. 黃俊堯, October 2016, 明天的遊戲規則:運用數位槓桿,迎向市場新局, 先覺出版社.
  2. 黃俊堯, May 2015, 看懂,然後知輕重:「互聯網+」的10堂必修課, 先覺出版社。.
  3. 黄俊尧, October 2015, 互联网+:创新2.0下的经济新格局, 北京联合出版公司.
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