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Simon Hsiao
Master LL.M., Cornell University Law School
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Research Field
• International Economic Laws (WTO, Anti-dumping, Subsidy, Safeguards, TRIPs, DSB)
• Intellectual Property Laws
• Commercial Laws and Litigation
• Corporate Law
• Labor Law
• Criminal Law and Litigation
Research Field Summary
• LL.M., Cornell University Law School
• Commercial Law
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2012/2 - Lecturer, "Business Law", Department of Business Administration, College of Management, National Taiwan University
2007/2/1 - 2017/12/31 Member of R&D Assessment Committee of National Chiao Tung University
2005/12 Lecturer, "Practice of Patent Litigations," Class of IP Litigations for Seeding Teachers, sponsored by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy
2005/5/27 - 2007/5/26 Consultant of Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan
2005/1/1 - 2005/12/31 Honorary Consultant Attorney of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2003/10 - 2004/9 Senior Attorney, Lee and Li (Patent Department)
2000/10 - 2003/10 Senior Attorney, Lee and Li (Hsinchu Office)
1994/6 - 1999/7 Associate, Lee and Li (Litigation Department)
1990/4 - 1992/6 Legal Specialist, Judicial Yuan (Chamber of Grand Justices)
1989/7 - 1990/4 Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department of Treaty and Law)
2003/9 - 2006/5 Lecturer, Chung Yuan Christian University (Department of Financial & Economic Law)
1998/8 - 199/7 Lecturer, Hsuan Chuang University(Department of Law)
1996/8 - 1997/7 Lecturer, Shih Chien University
1993/8 - 1994/7 Lecturer, National Defense Management College (Department of Law)
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1. How should court costs for patent infringement claims be determined? – Should court costs for both claims for damages and claims for injunction be calculated together? (E-newsletter published by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy , 23 Mar 2009)

2. Practice in Patent Litigation (Teaching Materials of Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy, First Edition, April 2006)

3. Aspects of Applying the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade to the Legal System of the Republic of China (LL.M Dissertation, June 1989)

4. Regulations of 1992 EU Plan regarding Securities and Investment—Legal Problems of the Investment of Taiwan Securities Business in the EU, Review of Securities & Futures Markets, vol.14 (April 1992)

5. The Development of the Contract of Securities Arbitration in the USA-Study of the System of Taiwan Securities Arbitration, Law Review, vol.147 (July 1992)

6. Co-author, Joint Venture in the USA, Germany and EU, Fair Trade Quarterly, vol.1,no.3 (July 1993)

7. Regulations and Problems of Prohibiting Money Laundry and Bank Secrecy in the USA, Law Review, vol.153 (January 1994)

8. Co-author, Participation in WTO Committees and APEC and the Appropriate Measures, a project sponsored by the International Trade Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs (June 1997)

9. Co-author, Enforcement and Encouragement of Taiwan's Participation in International Organizations Related to the Multilateral Interactions of Import Relief, a project sponsored by the International Trade Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs (June 1998)

10. Lecturer, How does the enterprise secure its credits and control the risk of bad debt? Practice of Commercial Laws, sponsored by Small Business Integrated Assistance Center (1998~) 

11. Lecturer, Laws relateted to Enterprise,sponsored by Hsinchu Science Park Administration (2001~2002)

12. Lecturer, Law Program of EMBA of Yuan Ze University (2002)

13. Lecturer, Patent Infringement and Cases of Litigation, sponsored by Tze-Chiang Foundation of Science & Techenology

14. Lecturer, Introduction of Cases of Technology Tranfer and License ,The Practice of Patent Infringement Litigation, Procedures for Patent Administrative Remedy, sponsored by Office of Technology Livesing, Feng-Chia University (2003~2007)