Personal Information
Chen-Yu Lin
Ph.D. 英國利物浦大學流行音樂研究中心博士
Master 英國利物浦大學流行音樂研究中心碩士(一等榮譽)
Bachelor 國立政治大學廣播電視學系學士
Office : Building I, College of Management
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Research Field
• 全球音樂產業
• 流行音樂研究
• 音樂與民族誌方法
• 紀錄片與影像人類學方法
Research Field Summary
• 英國利物浦大學流行音樂研究中心博士
• 英國利物浦大學流行音樂研究中心碩士(一等榮譽)
• 國立政治大學廣播電視學系學士
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Conference Paper
• ‘A Study on Two Approaches of Musical Export and the Conception of “Independence” for Taiwanese Musicians’, 歐洲台灣研究年會,諾丁罕托倫特大學 (2019)
•‘Hearing “the Voice of China”: Reality Shows, Soft Power and the Representation of the Nation’: Who’s Shaping the Real?, 理論與流行文化會議,利物浦希望大學 (2018)
•‘Chineseness in China Wind Pop Songs: Two Case Studies’, 第六屆亞際流行音樂研究雙年會, 中國傳媒大學(2018)
•‘A Tale of Two Versions: Censorship attitudes of UK-based Chinese students towards Taiwanese Popular Music’, 歐洲台灣研究年會,蘇黎世大學 (2018)
•‘Popular Music and the Sense of “Place” in Taipei and Liverpool: Cases on Mayday, Jay Chou, and the Beatles’, ‘Perspectives on 30 Years since the Lifting of Martial Law in Taiwan’, 倫敦亞⾮⼤學夏⽇學院 (2017)
•‘After Governmental Advisory: Music Censorship in Post-Martial Law Taiwan’, 歐洲台灣研究年會,威尼斯福斯卡里宮大學(2017)
•‘Chasing the China Wind: questions of Chineseness on the ethnographic filmmaking journey’, 第五屆亞際流行音樂研究雙年會, 墨爾本皇家理工大學 (2016)
Journal Paper
Lin, C., Chen, Y. S. and Chen Y. H. (2020) ‘Perceptions of Popular Music Censorship in Post-Martial Law Taiwan’, Asian Education and Development Studies.
Lin, C. and Um, H. (2017) ‘From Blue and White Porcelain to Island’s Sunrise: Post-1990s Audience’s Perceptions of Chineseness and Taiwaneseness in Taiwan’s Popular Music’, Journal of East Asian Popular Culture, 3(2), 153-167.

Book Paper
Lin, C. (2021, preparing) ‘From the Centre of Mandopop to Indie Music Capital? The Conception of “Independence” and the Challenges for Taiwanese Musicians’, in N. Guy. (ed) Resounding Taiwan: Musical Reverberations Across A Vital Island, Routledge: New York.
Lin, C. (2019) ‘Multidimensionality of Chineseness in Mandopop: Jay Chou’s China Wind Pop and the Transnational Audience’, in E. Tsai, T. Ho, and M. Jian. (eds) Made in Taiwan: Studies in Popular Music, Routledge: New York.
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