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Master Master of Environmental Planning and Management, National Taiwan University
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• ESG, Sustainability Ratings, Stakeholder Engagement, Product/Project Management, Supply Chain Management
Research Field Summary
Sam is the Partner and the founding member of KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., LTD., He served as a project manager for Acer and when he was part of the Corporate Sustainability Office in Chairman office, he managed climate-related projects, green products, marketing, and relevant policies establishment. Sam specialized in supply chain management, brand marketing, and sustainable investment & rating. He also promoted and managed many large projects, e.g. carbon management for cross-functional unit product lines across the supply chain. Sam has backgrounds in product and project management, industry sustainability practices, as well as career development. His extensive experiences include corporate sustainable information disclosure, training and counseling, and communication with stakeholders. He has helped companies lay the foundation for sustainable development through professional service and has successfully supported organizations to establish market reputation and brand value. He is often invited to speak at public and private sectors to share unique experience and provide practical advice.
• Master of Environmental Planning and Management, National Taiwan University
• ESG Practice & Management Consulting
• Practice in Corporate Sustainability
KPMG Advisory Star
Partner, KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., LTD.
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