NTUH_UULEN donation , Cheer for Taiwan ! Wash your hands and stay safe !
Published At:2020-05-18 
 2020-05-18 updated

Uulen brand is started by one of our GMBA students Ganpurev Dashzeveg at NTU. Her company, established in Mongolia, produces organic handmade soaps with many special ingredients from Mongolia.

Spreading love and kindness is especially essential during this time.

Since the beginning of the year as the global health situation came under threat with the spread of the coronavirus and situation getting serious day by day, doctors and medical staff all around the world has been working tirelessly to protect and keep everyone safe. Ganpurev’s sister is a doctor, made her have personal connection to hardworking medical staff. And today we’re all advised by official healthcare organizations to wash our hands frequently and properly. Soap is simple but one of the powerful tools we have to combat this virus. In the spirit of helping and supporting medical workers, Uulen company have donated 100 organic soaps to National Taiwan University Hospital.

Wash your hands and stay safe !


NTUH link: https://www.ntuh.gov.tw/PAO/Acthighlight.action?q_type=02&q_itemCode=2c9ee69b7196abb70171972ed7b6000b#

FB post link: https://www.facebook.com/uulentw/posts/131388958505806

Website: www.uulenbrand.mn

醫護加油  台灣加油_Cheer for Taiwan !

勤洗手保健康_Stay home and stay safe