2024 CUHK Short-term Visit to College of Management, NTU
Published At:2024-04-17 
 2024-04-17 updated

From March 4 to 8, 2024, National Taiwan University had the pleasure of hosting a short-term program on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Sustainability tailored for students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The short-term program was a mixture of lectures in the morning and a company visit in the afternoon.


On the first day, March 4, Professor Shweta Pandey lectured on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Marketing Strategies. Students were given a case reading and a discussion was done afterwards. In the afternoon the students had a company visit in Advantech, where they got to be toured around the three main buildings on Advantech. Advantech also shared job opportunities for the students.

On the second day, March 5, Professor Leonard Chao opened the day with a lecture on “How will Taiwanese Youth deal with an ‘Ever-Turbulent World.” This interesting and informative lecture piqued students’ interest to ask a lot of questions. In the afternoon, students went for a company visit to the world’s largest chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and they also had an interactive play at the Science Park Exploration Museum in Hsinchu.

On the third day, March 6, Professor Anders Granmo, from Chung Hua University, gave a lecture on Green Marketing. The students enjoyed and had a group activity for this session.  In the afternoon, during a company visit to FRANZ, students were amazed by the delicate and intricate designs of porcelain.


On the fourth day, March 7, Professor Kevin Chen provided a talk on Leadership Practice for Sustainability. He introduced frameworks for this topic that can be applied. The lecture was continued in the afternoon with a visit to Dharma Drum Mountain. The students enjoy a relaxation of meditation with afternoon tea.

On the last day, March 8, Professor Leon van Jaarsveldt gave a lecture on ESG in Action: Exploring Responsible Investment where students had a case study and discussion of implementation strategies and challenges in Hong Kong. In the afternoon, the students have a company visit on Aromase. The students enjoyed a scalp care education and selected students even had time to have a scalp check.

The NTU-CUHK short-term program was an enriching journey filled with valuable insights and memorable experiences, fostering cross-cultural exchange and empowering students to become future leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.