The 2nd Power Badminton of NTU EMBA 2015
Published At:2015-10-22 
 2017-02-12 updated



The Second Power Badminton took place at the NTU Sports Center with a record-high participation of 22 teams and 200 players. This year we also had the Faculty Team under the leadership of Chen Liang-Ji, Vice President of NTU and Xie Ming-Hui, CEO, also participated, bringing more excitements and fun to the event. As the air flowing in the Sports Center became vibrant, the contest began at 9 am sharp. The opening ceremony was hosted by Shen, Xue-Ren, the former Club President and of Class 2010, and CEO Xie, who had been relentlessly supporting badminton all the way, addressed to the audience at the ceremony as well. She was energetic, friendly, and humorous; she congratulated the Badminton Club that this annual badminton event is now the top 3 sports events of NTU EMBA and that the Badminton Club is now one of the top 3 clubs. She explained the status quo of Badminton Club’s emerging development and its strategy of frequent and parallel games to attract and consolidate potential players of all classes. Everyone who loves badminton is welcome to join this fun and energetic club.