2015 College of Management Sharing Joy of Award Winner Together
Published At:2015-10-22 
 2017-02-12 updated

The ancients said, “A teacher is to teach us the fundamental relationship between oneself and the society, the knowledge and skills to live in the society, and to help us answer questions in the learning process.” Teacher plays a very important role in every student’s school life. Besides giving lectures, they also have to continue to maintain their own progress. College of Management held an Excellent Teacher Award Ceremony and a lunch gathering on October 2, 2015. Dean Guo thanked the faculty for their hard work and contributions and handed out the awards. This is to let everyone share the joy of the award-winning teachers. In addition, Dean Guo took this opportunity to introduce three new teachers and hoped that College of Management will be one of the top colleges in both research and teaching. Let us keep the golden signboard of the College of Management shine!