College of Management Alumni 30-Year Reunion
Published At:2015-09-21 
 2017-02-12 updated


Author:Administration Affairs

Translator: Pei-Ju Wang


The 30-year reunion of the class of 1985 of Department of Commerce took place at the College of Management. The alumni who graduated three decades ago came back to National Taiwan University. The atmosphere reminded them of college days and the youthful faces of each other even though the scenery was not the same. The class of 1985 is the last graduates of Department of Commerce. Despite the fact that 30 years has passed already, the way they interacted with each other seemed as if they were classmates who came back to school after summer vacation. We were very fortunate to have a closer contact with the alumni by having group talk. They shared their value and philosophy to enrich and nourish our spirit which allows us to understand the world and ourselves. We hope that such events can be held every year in the future and the spirits can be carried to the next generation.