“Attitude leads to Success” Congratulations to Prof. Aichia Chuang for Winning the Outstanding Research Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology
Published At:2015-06-08 
 2017-02-12 updated

Author/Administration Affairs

We would like to congratulate our business department professor Ai-Chai on receiving the ORA (Outstanding Research Award) from the Ministry of Science and Technology. There is never a dull moment in her research life in thanks to her students, faculty, and the support she receives from her family. It is worth to take example from her as she balances good quality research with a caring for her family life. In respect, the management department provides a professional and academic environment, so that professors like Ai-Chai can receive confirmation of their excellent research capability outside of the school. Professor Ai-Chai is very appreciative of the encouragement that she receives from the faculties research group as well as the rewards she got before, such as the Ministry of Science and Technology Ta-You Wu Memorial Research award, and the E. Sun Academic award. Professor Ai-Chai also emphasizes the importance of a good environment for research, and how the management department has molded this environment to help enhance student’s thinking ability. For example, the department often invites foreign scholars to give speeches to students about their research, holds international conferences on expanding research that gives opportunity for integration, as well as facilitates an academic exchange environment assisting teachers in networking with each other. Professor Ai-Chai suggests that we can facilitate even more academic exchange throughout each department by inviting more international scholars to present their research. In turn, this has the potential for unlimited possibilities in flourishing global research.