Seeking for further cooperation, NTU College of Management and Fudan University
Published At:2015-04-07 
 2017-02-23 updated

Translator: Pei Ju Wang/ Ntu Management Review Office


On January 28, 2015, the exchange between the College of Management in Fudan University and National Taiwan University was held in Fudan University. 50 professors from both universities shared and engaged in thorough discussions on the teaching and research of the EMBA program, as well as their mutual anticipation towards the prospect of future cooperation.


In 2010, NTU-Fudan EMBA joint program was established by College of Management in National Taiwan University and Fudan University. This is the first cross-strait academic collaboration. This program draws the distance between the distinguished business people from Taiwan and China closer. From year 2010 to 2014, the NTU-Fudan EMBA joint program has enrolled approximately 300 students in five years. During the course, students are given the opportunity to exchange and discuss about management practice and thinking in different business communities. This program is highly recognized by the students and alumni and is also a catalyst for teaching and research cooperation in the two universities. In order to keep working on the cooperation in teaching of the EMBA program and other interdisciplinary research between the two colleges, the Dean of NTU College of Management, Ruey-Shan Guo, led the group of faculty to participate in the exchange with Fudan University.


The Dean of College of Management in Fudan University, Xiongwen Lu, wishes to have a more extensive cooperation and exchange with the faculty of National Taiwan University. Dean Ruey-Shan Guo also expresses that National Taiwan University and Fudan University are complement to each other in terms of the cooperation in education. Teachers and students from Taiwan and China hope to learn more about both side's economic environment as well as the culture through this joint exchange program. Both universities can supplement each other, making up for each other’s deficiencies. Additionally, this cooperation can help globalize the strengths and notable characteristics of Chinese and Taiwanese business management. Through the enthusiastic face to face exchange, extensive sharing and discussions about interrelated researches and teaching experiences, prospect of future cooperation in teaching and research has been opened.