Ministry of Science and Technology Administration Strategy: All New Ideas that Lead to Technology Innovation Can Drive Forward the General Strength of Our Contryx
Published At:2017-03-21 
 2017-03-24 updated

  In order to inspire innovative, visionary administration strategy and tactics, and to thoroughly implement the ideas of the Ministry of Science and Technology Administration (MoST), MoSt invited its department heads, supervisors of the three science park administrations and three legal persons to gather at the Guan-De Lecture Room to join a strategy development meeting. Minister Chen Liang-Ji delivered an opening speech, followed by a keynote speech by Lin Wei-Cheng, Director of Southern Taiwan Science Park, on Opportunities and Challenges for Our Country’s Technology In dusty – an Aspect from Science Park. The speech enlightened the guests very much. Finally, Dean Guo Ruei-Xiang; Dean of College of Management, Professor Cheng Zhong-Ren, Professor Lu Luo, and Associate ProfessorGuo Jia-Wei of School of Business Management, and Professor Liao Xian-Xing of Department and Graduate Institute of Finance, led separately open discussion and brainstorming groups to find possible actions and approaches that may help the Ministry to implement its strategies. After enthusiastic discussions, many valuable ideas and suggestions were offered, with the expectation that the MoST’s future strategies can make Taiwan technology industry more competitive.