21th EMBA Opening Ceremony Welcomed Class 2017
Published At:2017-03-21 
 2017-03-24 updated

  On Jan. 22, NTU EMBA welcomed Class 2017 in a solemn and warm opening ceremony. On behalf of NTU, Guo Hong-Ji, Dean of Academic Affairs, congratulated the new students for becoming NTUers. They were leaders and managers from all disciplines and businesses; as the core value of NTU EMBA: Diversity and Innovation. Xie Ming-Hui, CEO, NTU EMBA, asked in the ceremony: “When was last time you were students?” 10 years, 20 years, even 30 years were the answers. The faculty was happy to see that the students are eager to learn. Dean Guo Ruei-Xiang; Dean of College of Management, wished the new students to further develop their Second Curves in life and career at NTU EMBA. At the end of the ceremony the students took their first group photos at the College of Management.