EiMBA 2017 Opens for Application
Published At:2017-03-21 
 2017-03-24 updated

  The recruit seminar for the Entrepreneurship and innovation MBA, NTU 2017 (the second year) was held at the Sungreat Hall on Feb 12 (Sun.) 2017, more than 300 people were attracted and the Hall was fully filled. As Dean Guo Ruei-Xiang, Dean of College of Management, spoke at the opening, he quoted the Second Curve proposed by the master in Management science, Charles Handy. Dean Guo emphasized on the purpose of EiMBA and encouraged the attendees of all professions to not only do good jobs at work, but also create something better. Dean Guo also encouraged corporate employee who are potentially innovative to develop all kinds of Second Curves for themselves as well as Taiwan simply by submitting their applications for EiMBA.