Prof. Huang of Finance to Retire
Published At:2017-04-18 
 2017-04-18 updated

  In an exclusive interview, Prof. Huang Da-Ye of Finance Dept., who soon will retire from career, shared with us his twenty-plus years of experiences in schooling and education across the US, Taiwan, and China. Prof. Huang’s credential includes but not limited to chair and acting director of Finance Dept., founding chairman of the Taiwan Hakka Forum, and president of the Taiwan Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA). Prof. Huang is regarded as the guru in Cross-Strait finance matters for interpreting Cross-Strait financial issues using his unique international finance aspects. His knowledge breadth includes economics, politics, finance, business management, laws, and journalism and communications. The pursue of knowledge must not be limited to depth, but also width, for life progresses only by endless learning. Not until the last moment in life can you possibly draw a conclusion on success or failure of life, says Prof. Huang.