【 SEED Update】A Visit to A Centennial Japanese Company
Published At:2017-04-18 
 2017-04-18 updated
  The Leadership for Governance of Enterprise with Legacy, a program offered by the Service for Executive Education Development, or SEED, is specifically designed to assist top management, directors of board, senior managers, and next-gen successors to deal with difficult issues with power changeover and legacy that come inherently with corporate with a long history. The dedicated faculty includes professors from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. The Program this year was taught in Japan from Mar. 18 through Mar. 23 by Associate Professor Huang Chong-Xing of NTU College of Management, Professor Fan Bo-Hong of Accounting and Finance Departments of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Professor Toshio Gogo of College of Management of the Japan University of Economics, with visits to the leaders of corporates of longevity. As our students are corporate presidents, general managers, senior managers, and next generation successors, these visits have inspired a great deal of brilliant ideas. After 4 days of intensive learning, the students have acquired impressive and fruitful knowledge about sustaining corporate over a long period of time.