Taiwan Baseball Heritage – Jin-Feng Fever poured into EMBA Students Association’s Baichuan Lecture
Published At:2017-05-25 
 2017-05-25 updated
  In the afternoon of Apr. 30, 2017, excitement was brewing amidst the Sungreat International Convention Hall at NTU College of Management. Children in baseball outfit and accompanied by our fellow students attended the lecture by Chen Jin-Feng, a baseball star, whose career composed of fluctuation and persistence reflects baseball fans’ lifetime stories. After his lecture on Full Swing Ahead, Xie Ming-Hui, CEO, NTU EMBA, expressed her further admiration for Chen. Xie summarized Chen’s lecture with the spirit of 3As: Action, Adaptability, and Accountability. “Action and adaptability are not enough without accountability. When you are responsible for carrying forward heritage, whether you are an athlete, a coach, or an associate manager, you must get the job done.” Look forward to more interactions in the future to instill positive influence in our society.