The Annuity Policy's Design, Governance, and Reform Seminar concluded with success By NTU Management Review
Published At:2017-05-25 
 2017-05-26 updated
 The dissertation presentation and seminar on Annuity Policy’s Design, Governance, and Reform organized by NTU Management Review has concluded with success on Apr. 28. In addition to academic presentation, this event also includes a policy symposium, of which guest speakers included Mr. Yang Shun-Zheng, the Senior Executive Officer of Department of Retirement and Survivors of Ministry Of Civil Service; Mr. Shi Fa-Ji, Director General of Department of Labor Insurance of Ministry of Labor; Professor Wang Li-Ling of NCCU Department of Risk Management and Insurance; Professor Lin Ying-Ke of Department of Finance of National Chung Hsing University;  Professor Fu Cong-Xi of Department of Social Work of National Taiwan University; Professor Zhang Sen-Lin, deputy editor of NTU Management Review; and various dissertation presenters and commentators.