GMBA students spent a day with kids from the orphanage
Published At:2018-12-17 
 2018-12-17 updated
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  November 24, 2018 marked another day when a group of GMBA students headed to Taoyuan City to share a piece of their hearts to the community. The day was perfectly sunny but the smiles and laughter were even brighter as the GMBA students interacted with the kids for a heartfelt afternoon of games and music. 

  The visit started with an ice breaker called "The Boat is Sinking” that enabled the kids to interact with GMBA students by grouping according to a number announced by the game master. This was followed by a game of dodgeball where the kids energetically eliminated all GMBA students from each group, ending in an intense battle among the kids. During the break, everyone got the chance to share snacks, stories, and laughter, capped off with none other than everyone’s favorite: ice cream! 

  The next activity was a series of stations where the kids were divided into four groups simultaneously doing each activity in a station. One station was Jeopardy where the kids had to choose questions across many categories. Another station is the memory game where the kids had to flip cards in order to match each county’s flag with what that country is known for. Kids Pong was another station where the kids had to shoot ping pong balls into cups with a letter and say an English word that started with that letter. The last was charades where the kids needed to guess the word or character a GMBA student was acting or imitating. 

  The afternoon ended with music and dancing as the kids outshone the GMBA students with their energetic dance moves and polished choreography.  It was definitely a heartwarming sight!

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