Words from the Dean
Expand the Learning altitude, while creating the second growing curve

Established 21 years ago, and as attributed to the contributions and efforts by the past Deans, CEOs and professors, NTU EMBA has successfully created two major values. 

Firstly, we have been leading the trend of On-the-job-training programmes. Be it Management Science or other professional knowledge, numerous on-the-job-training programmes have sprang up accordingly, and NTU EMBA has upheld our belief-to provide a sustainable learning platform to the Corporate owners and Business Managers.

Secondly, we strive to assist Corporate Owners and Business Managers with knowledge acquisition, to look for transition opportunities and the second growing curve efficiently. As a whole, the first value focuses on individual development, while the second value expands from individuals to organizations, and goes further to the industries and social developments. The process of NTU EMBA value creation starts from building spots, then connects the dots with lines and eventually builds into an interface, which also equals to the development of an all-rounded mindset.

While creating the values that are mentioned, NTU EMBA has shaped 3 learning altitudes. The first altitude is the “Knowledge add-ons”, which means providing a full set of systematic management knowledge, strengthening the business sense of Corporate owners and Business managers. The second altitude is “Making strategic decisions”. After the acquisition of the essential knowledge, we aim at stimulating the ability to make logical decisions through case studies. The above two altitudes served as a solid base, and we have added the third altitude “Learning through execution “in 2016, so as to maximize the benefits. We implement the belief-“Do to learn, learn to do” through practical courses such as “Executing Entrepreneurship”. 

There is boundless potential in the learning altitudes. NTU EMBA wishes to build three visions: 
1.To put forward more regional partnered courses collaborations.
2.To strengthen the interaction and connectivity of our courses and the industries
3.To establish a platform for strengthening the tie between alumni and involving in social and industrial innovations.

Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of NTU EMBA’s Execution Trilogy. We look forward to creating the second growing curve with you.

Last but not least, we wish that all the NTU EMBA alumni and students can cherish this learning platform, and at the same time, remain open-minded, pursuit knowledge with a humble heart, be brave to take actions, and embrace responsibility, creating a better future with us.
Professor Guo, Ruey-shan, Dean of College of Magement