List of the Hardware Facilities for EMBA Students
EMBA Service Center
EMBA Lounge
Discussion Room
Seats 36 people 26 people 6 Rooms with 10 people / each room
Tables and Chairs Conference Tables and Chairs Sofas and Chairs Conference Tables for 10 People
Access Opens During the Service Hours Swiping the Student ID  Swiping the Student ID
Appointment x x Appointment is Required
Light Food Bar v v No Eating and Drinking
School Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) v v v
Public Wireless Network (WI-FIfor Service Center  v
(please contact with the information center for asking the authorization code)
x x
Projector x x v
Power v v v
Printing Service 1 Notebook 2 Desktops x
Magazine Reading Area v x x
Copying Service v x x
Documented EMBA Dissertations x v x
Scanning Service v x x
Fax Service v x x
Remarks: Regarding the access of School Wireless Network (Wi-Fi), please enter the account password of NTU Computer and Information Networking Center.