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臺灣大學與 Fordham University 雙聯學位合作
臺大財金系與Fordhan University進行雙聯學位合作(MSGF program)。碩士班學生均可申請,並以財金所開設之4門課抵換MSGF program之4門基礎課程(12學分)(詳列如下),另於該申請年度 6月/7月 間至Fordhan University進行為期約七周共6門課(18學分)的課程進修,也完成相關規定(6學分)後,可獲得Fordham University 碩士學位。詳細課程介紹與抵換條件,申請程序、學費計算等,請參閱申請網站。
申請網站:"Create an account")
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Application Deadline
March 1, 2017.
Students must fill out an application by creating a Fordham account via our admissions website:
申請訊息 / Application
All Masters, MBA, or EMBA students of NTU, and recent alumni of these programs, can apply for the MSGF program.


Students must
(a) demonstrate proficiency in English via standardized tests such as the TOEFL, GMAT or other National tests or have taken higher level English courses as part of the undergraduate program of study or have primarily taken courses taught in English as part of the Masters, MBA, or EMBA studies at NTU;
(b) have completed an undergraduate degree; and
(c) be current students of NTU’s Masters, MBA, or EMBA, or have graduated from these programs within the past five (5) years; and
(d) have passed NTU courses that are considered equivalent to the Fordham courses and can be transferred to the MSGF program as listed in the following table.


How and when do we apply?

All applications are through Fordham Gabelli School of Business website. The website is:
  • Click on “Create an account” to start a new application
Detailed instructions to complete the application and an application checklist are given later in this package. For your convenience, please feel free to e-mail. The contact information for the MSGF program offices are as follows:
  • MSGF Admissions Manager:
  • External Programs Manager:
  • External Programs Manager: +1 212 636 7957
The graduate admissions office postal address is: MSGF Admissions Manager, Graduate Admissions Office, Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University, 45 Columbus Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10023.
畢業學分相關訊息 (以Fordham University官方網站為主)
學分 / Course of study
The MSGF program requires a total of thirty six (36) credits that equal twelve (12) courses. The courses are as follows:


(A) Foundation Courses [Four (4) courses, Twelve (12) credits]
Students have to complete four foundation courses that are listed below. Students can take the courses offered at Fordham’s New York campus or can transfer courses taken at NTU. The table below shows the NTU courses that are considered equivalent to the Fordham courses and can be transferred to the MSGF program for each of the three divisions (Division of Finance, Division of Financial Engineering, Division of Risk Management and Insurance) of the NTU MBA Program. For NTU courses to be transferred, students must have passed the courses and earned a minimum B grade.
Fordham Course NTU Course Equivalent
GFGB 6005 Financial Modeling Finance Theory or Continuous-time Finance
GFGB 6006 International Financial Management Multinational Business Management,Seminar on International Finance,Financial Institutions and Markets, or Financial Innovations
GFGB 6007 Global Investments Principles Investment Management
GFGB 6008 Financial Econometrics Quantitative Analysis
(B) Fordham MSGF Finance Courses [Six (6) courses, Eighteen (18) credits]
Students have to complete six upper level finance courses at GSB’s New York campus. Fordham plans to offer the six courses below to MSGF students in June/July. GSB reserves the right to revise and update the list of courses to be offered to NTU students.
GFGB 7001 Global Financial Markets
GFGB 7002 Contemporary Issues in Global Finance
GFGB 7007 Raising Capital and Investing in Global Markets
GFGB 7004 Global Portfolio Management
GFGB 7005 Global Corporate Governance
GFGB 7006 Global Risk Management
(C) GFGB 8951 Internship and Project Report [Two (2) courses, Six (6) credits]
Students who have completed an internship or competed a thesis can waive the internship requirement for the MSGF program.(3) Students must complete six additional MSGF courses offered by Fordham. The six courses, all offered in June and July 2016 in New York are outlined below. Please note these courses and all schedules are subject to final confirmation.
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