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Shweta Pandey
Ph.D. International Management Institute, New Delhi, India
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Research Field
• Consumer Behavior
• Social Media Marketing
• Digital Marketing
• Marketing Research
Research Field Summary
• International Management Institute, New Delhi, India
• Advertising and Marketing Communications
• Engaging Consumers and Social Media Marketing
• Marketing Management
• Thesis writing
2019 Best paper in cross-cultural and global marketing, “Does cause-related marketing affect the purchase intent of American and Filipino college students?”, at 2019 Society of Marketing Advances Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana- November 6-9, 2019.
2016/1 Best working paper award, “Indian online clothing shoppers: A segmentation and positioning study” at “International Conference on Innovative brand-building through Digital Marketing,” held at International Management Institute, Delhi, January 2016.
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Conference Paper
  1. Bautista Jr, R, Jeong, L. S., Pandey, S., 2019, Does cause-related marketing affect the purchase intent of American and Filipino college students?, Society of Marketing Advances Conference, (New Orleans), BEST PAPER IN CROSS-CULTURAL AND GLOBAL MARKETING.
Journal Paper
  1. Pandey, Shweta; Pandey, Neeraj; Chawla, Deepak, August 2023, Market segmentation based on customer experience dimensions extracted from online reviews using data mining, Journal of Consumer Marketing,
  2. Pandey, S., Chawla, D., & Puri, S., 2022, Impact of technology, health, and consumer-related factors on continued usage intention of wearable fitness tracking (WFT) devices., Benchmarking: an international journal.
  3. Pandey, S.; Chawla, D. ; Puri, S., August 2022, Food delivery apps (FDAs) in Asia: an exploratory study across India and the Philippines, British Food Journal.
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Book Paper
  1. Pandey, S., & Chawla, D., 2017, Driving Green Marketing in a Developing Country: Reducing the attitude-behaviour Gap. In Driving Green Consumerism Through Strategic Sustainability Marketing, IGI Global, ( Driving Green Marketing in a Developing Country: Reducing the attitude-behaviour Gap ).
Technical Report
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